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cross to dallas, texas with the butter queen.

After yesterday's post of KISS and Miss Pamela on the Oprah show, which featured "Barbara Butter Queen", I was interested in knowing a little more about Miss Butter Queen so I decided to search her and found these little bits of information.

I found this from rulefortytwo.com
The Butter Queen, real name Barbara Cope, was an industrious groupie based in Dallas, Texas, linked with countless ’70s rock stars from Joe Cocker to Donovan to Mick Jagger. “I got on with her famously,” Elton John said. David Cassidy has described her showing up at his hotel suite in the early ’70s with two apprentices, ready to orally service his entire band and crew. She called room service and ordered her trademark: a pound of butter. She used the Land O’ Lakes as a lubricant, but of course, once it warmed up, it smelled like hot popcorn–which meant that a blowjob from the Butter Queen had the distinctly unerotic aroma of a movie theater lobby.
Well, that's creative. lol

I also found an interview of her from the David Cassidy fansite.
You can read the interview here.

Also, Barbara is apparently the Butter Queen mentioned in the Rolling Stones' song "Rip this Joint" and had a seven minute sequence in Joe Cocker's "Mad Dogs & Englishmen".

Anybody else know anything about her or know of any other photos?
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